Clash Royale – Top 10 Tips for Success

Are your friends always talking about how good they are at Clash Royale? Do you secretly sit there in silence frustrated because you’re struggling? If this is the case, you needn’t worry no more as we have some of the top tips and cheats to get you winning consistently.

Be Patient – Above all else, you need to remember that patience will win you battles. If you have ever played Clash of Clans, you will recognise the magic attacks and troops but these are in trading card form instead. Therefore, you may be tempted to attack as soon as the battle begins but this is an awful tactic to employ. Instead, you need to start slowly and don’t panic when you see your towers getting attacked. As long as you enter the battlefield with a plan and stick to it, you will see results so send out your troops carefully.

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When you then take a Rival Tower down, you can begin to ‘turn the screw’ and increase the attack. After the first tower falls, this is an invitation to get the game over with as soon as possible. Towards the end of the game, elixir gathers twice as fast which means that you can employ more troops than previously. With this in mind, it is very much a marathon rather than a sprint as far as attacking goes.

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Best Troop Cards? – Over time, we have developed a short list of favourites that we take into every battle. Initially, you will want to make the most of Goblins and Super Goblins because they are cheap to use in battle. After this, Archers can be useful at long-range so they can be placed near your towers. Also, Baby Dragons have a double-effect because they can wipe out multiple troops with the fireball attack whilst avoiding attacks itself.

clash royale tips and tricks part 2

After this, Barbarians can be good to use because they have a high HP which means that they can take attack after attack whilst destroying a good amount of troops from the opposing team. From all the different types, Golems are the strongest so these can be employed towards the end of a match to just get the battle over and done with. After this, you can make up your deck however you wish but be sure to consider; Wizard, Minion Horde, Giant Skeleton, and Prince cards as these can be included in your strategy.

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Elixir is Vital – At the beginning of a battle, you might be tempted to play a powerful card but you always need to remember elixir. To start, you should go for a troop that doesn’t exceed level four as these will be cheap and they will help to get set up. By using small units at first, you can slowly decrease the health of the opposing tower. If you notice your opponent choosing the same tactic, it will always be better letting your tower defeat the small troops as opposed to wasting a powerful troop. When you know that you can afford two troops, go ahead and send the first in. When you first started playing the game, you probably ended up with no elixir whilst trying to fight off a powerful force so this is what you’re now trying to avoid.

clash royale elixir tips and tricks

Arrow and Fireballs – As soon as one of the Rival Towers falls on your opponent’s side, the King’s Tower will start to attack you so this is important to remember. Also, this vital tower will also attack when you hit it first so you should only start attacking when you are ready to see it all the way through. If you’re looking for effective methods of doing this, fireballs and arrows will be one of the best options. Of course, the King’s Tower will take some time to defeat but the combination of arrows and fireballs should see its health decrease quickly. In truth, you should be saving these cards for the attack on the King’s Tower unless you get really desperate somewhere along the way.

Poison Spell – If you now have the Poison Spell card within your deck, you might be wondering what the most effective time to use it is. When people first get the card, they tend to waste it but we believe it to be useful in one scenario and one scenario only. If you are losing your way and you start to see your towers under heavy pressure, this is when the spell should deployed as you can slow the enemies and allow your towers to do more damage. Additionally, the card will also give your troops more time to attack the poisoned enemy. As long as you have four points of elixir, you can pull the card out when this time comes.

Learn the Arenas – At first, you might think that the arena isn’t that significant but it is one of the most important factors of the game. Once you win PVP matches, you will begin to progress with higher arena ranks which means that you will face tougher opponents. After starting in the Training Camp, you will be given 12 cards. Just so you can refer back to it at any point in time, we have laid out the arenas, the Trophy Ranking that you require for them, and the rewards that you will unlock.

clash of clans vs clash royale

  • Goblin Stadium (+0) – 6 Cards
  • Bone Pit (+400) – 6 Cards
  • Barbarian Bowl (+800) – 6 Cards
  • PEKKA Playhouse (+1,100) – 6 Cards
  • Spell Valley (+1,400) – 5 Cards
  • Builder Workshop (+1,700) – 3 Cards
  • Royal Arena (+2,000) – 4 Cards
  • Legendary Arena (+3,000) – No Cards

Building Cards – Again, you should understand the basics of the building cards if you have previously played Clash of Clans. After playing extensively, we believe the Barbarian Hut to be the most advantageous of them all because it will allow more troops to be added to the battle. However, Tesla is good for defence as it only costs four elixir points whilst the Elixir Collector will reward you with more elixir over time. If you want to test the others, you will also find;

  • Goblin Hut
  • Bomb Tower
  • Inferno Tower
  • Cannon
  • X-Bow
  • Tombstone

New Chests – When playing this game, it can soon become frustrating because you want all of the cards and you want all of them right now. However, earning new cards is a timely process. In truth, you have probably already thought about using gems to receive chests. Whenever you receive a chest, you will be treated with new cards and you may even come cross a Rare or Epic card. As long as you’re patient, this game can be enjoyable whilst waiting the correct amount of time to open chests.

clash royale chests

Every four hours, you will be rewarded with a Free Chest which opens automatically whilst Silver Chests take three hours to reveal their contents. If you are lucky enough to earn a greater chest, you will need to wait eight hours for Gold, twelve hours for Magic, twelve hours for Giant, and a whole day for Super Magic Chests. In addition to these, you may also come across Crown Chests which normally show every day and these will open immediately.

Spend Gold Carefully – When you first start playing the game, there is an immediate desire to spend gold but you need to be cautious. Because they are cheaper, you should think about only upgrading common cards. Also, think about upgrading the cards that you use a lot and will continue to use into the future to earn money online. At regular points in time, you will receive chests as we discussed previously and you will also receive a chest for each win in battle. When playing the game, you will soon learn that gold is tricky to attain so it might be worth waiting to upgrade something you find in a chest. If you spend wisely, the difference will be clear to see in your deck.

Losing is Fine – Admittedly, nobody enjoys losing in life but taking a few hits at the very beginning is absolutely fine. In truth, losing might actually be a route towards better cards so embrace the losses at the very beginning and learn from mistakes rather than closing the app and deleting it immediately.

With these ten superb cheats and tips, you will be in a great position to succeed in the long run so keep playing, keep having fun, and enjoy Clash Royale.

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