God of Era Heroes War hacks/cheats – Free diamond & Gold (Android/iOS)

God of Era Heroes War hacks cheats Free diamond & Gold Android iOS

God of Era Heroes War hacks/cheats – Free diamond & Gold (Android/iOS)

For the information, God of Era Heroes War is an unreleased app. However, it is compatible with all devices. This role playing game takes you to another level of competitiveness. With around 5000 installs already donning the app, it requires an android version of 4.0.3 and up to function. The game has some very inexpensive in app purchases whose maximum value is up to Rs. 170 per item only. God of Era Heroes War has been offered by Zonmob Game Studio.

Since the game has not been released, you might not find much about it on the internet. However, somehow, we have been able to compile some hacks and cheats for you which shall prove useful once you step in the game. Take note of these God of Era Heroes War cheats and you shall never lose.

Game Play

The game is about you playing a hero and fighting monsters using your strength and might. Whoever wins shall be appreciated with the God of Era epic. Gather some 10 legendary heroes and divide them into teams. Pick up items that have the power to increase the power of your heroes. Defend your team and attack the enemy as fiercely as you can. As you level up, your character also strengthens. You can also team up with your friends who have a common goal in the game and attack the enemy collectively.


The locations in the game are something every gamer should look out for. The maps in God of Era: Heroes War are unique and I am sure you must have never seen them before in any game. The daily tasks in the game are a must for every player since they help induce a lot of power in your character. The Automatic mode lets you sit back while the heroes win the game for you. Bonuses and other bounties await you.

God of Era Heroes War Cheats

As mentioned earlier in the article, to know some quick tricks and God of Era Heroes War cheats, the following points need to be read. Use these cheats to tackle tough enemies. Also, we have provided the most authentic God of Era Heroes War cheats which you are unlikely to find on the internet.

  1. Once you team up with your friends, it helps you to gather resources collectively. Essentially, the more resources you have in the game, the better it is for you. Use your mutual resources to your best interest and win the game in style.
  2. The daily fights and battles are the most essential components in the game. In order to unlock heroes later in the game, you will definitely need currency. This can only be achieved by scoring well in the daily battles. Make sure you play the game often so you are able to collect maximum rewards.
  3. Create your hero squad carefully. Team up heroes with distinct powers. If you put all the good ones in one team or all the weak characters in a single team, you are sure to lose the game in a jiffy. Carefully analyze the power of each player before you can zero down to making an effective team.
  4. Upgrade, upgrade and upgrade! The key to becoming a champion and be able to cross tough levels is to upgrade your character every time you find an opportunity. As the going gets tough, you need heroes that have multiple superpowers and those that can deal with dangerous enemies. Make sure you never miss a chance to create the nest character.

God of Era Heroes War hack

God of Era: Heroes War does require a lot of effort in the sense that you have to play the game almost on a daily basis so as to climb the leader board. Well, if you find that difficult to manage or have paucity of time, you can use our God of Era: Heroes War hack that can give you unlimited resources on the go.

  1. Enter the details in the link like your email and username with which you are playing the game.
  2. Once that is done, enter the device you are using and the number of currency that you wish to obtain for free.
  3. Generate the link and restart the game to see your hack working perfectly.
  4. This hack is anti ban which means that the makers would never get to know that you are using this hack to level up the game.

I think the game has carefully balanced the dynamics and storyline of the game so as to make it look new every time the user logs on. Moreover, the typical powers and abilities of the heroes are something pretty awesome in the game. For all those who are a fan of role playing games, God of Era: Heroes War does deserve a try!



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