Head Soccer La Liga Hack/Cheats – Free Unlimited Money & Gems (Android/iOS)

Head Soccer La Liga Hack Cheats Free Unlimited Money & Gems Android iOS

Head Soccer La Liga Hack/Cheats – Free Unlimited Money & Gems (Android/iOS)

There are those usual games and then there is soccer- something that has taken the world by its charm since the inception of the game. For all the soccer lovers, this article shall attract you like a beautiful girl. Take note of every word of it because this time, we bring to you Head Soccer La Liga 2017.

Not only this, we also have compiled a lot of amazing Head Soccer La Liga 2017 cheats and hacks you can use to ace the game.

Head Soccer La Liga 2017 gas been developed by Liga de Futbol Profesional and wait for the drop! This game has already garnered more than 5 crore installs which is simply superb. The game is available for iOS and android users and its logistics vary with the type of device. You can also purchase in app elements using your digital wallet. Each item ranges from Rs. 55 to as much as Rs. 3115.

Game play

Talking about the game play, the rule is simple- all you have to do is take the ball past the goal with the catch being that you have to score using head shots only. Well, the game play is synonymous with the name of the game. Choose your favorite players and team and show off your skills and abilities as you unleash the shots and take your team to the top of the world rankings.

You can choose from a variety of levels or categories such as rookie, champion, professional, etc. One of the most interesting and unique proposition of the game is that since it is the official game for Spanish League Football for the 2016-17 season, you will find all the players and all the teams that are there in the real season only in this game.


Try out the most amazing jumps and kicks and prove it to the world that your team is formidable. Score thousands of goals with your head. Be sure to not ignore your goal because the aim is not only to score goals but is also to defend them.

There are a lot of special kicks involved in the game such as Dragon ball, Orange Machine, Falling Star, etc. Also, there is a special feature to play friendly matched with the other team. Additionally, you can also share your score on social media and boast of your performance.

Head Soccer La Liga 2017 Cheats

I don’t think any soccer enthusiast would require cheats to play a game like this but still, for the sake of convenience; you can take note of some useful Head Soccer La Liga 2017 cheats that could come handy while you play the game.

  1. Consistency is the key. You have to work hard and put in all efforts to ensure that you win most of the matches. Winning a single match would not land you in the world rankings. Play daily and try scoring as high as you can.
  2. Another Head Soccer La Liga 2017 cheat is to step up your defense. Your team might be really good at attacking but if you fail to protect goals that come from the opposing team, you might as well stop your attacks. Ensure that the opposing players don’t get past the half line no matter what. Create a strong bund before you even think of stepping up your attack.
  3. Don’t play shots by fluke. If you are one of those who plays soccer only to swirl the ball in the air without reason, this game is not for you! Think and analyze the situation before you go for the shot. It saves a lot of time in the game.

Head Soccer La Liga 2017 Hack

Take unlimited cash and gold through the Head Soccer La Liga 2017 hack. This hack has been exclusively designed and crafted for football lovers so you don’t have to lose any game.

Just follow these quick steps:

  1. Click on the link and enter details like your username and password with which your game is logged in.
  2. Enter the amount of cash and gold you are looking for.
  3. Press the Generate link and wait for the process to finish before you are good to go.
  4. Restart the game if reqd.


I would be lying if I say that the game doesn’t provide enough thrill, even by only offering headshots. In fact, that is what constitutes the fun element in Head Soccer La Liga 2017. The graphics are superb. The interface and control is not something only a techie would understand. If you have a thing for football and are a huge fan of football clubs and players, Head Soccer La Liga 2017 is THE game for you. Play it before you believe it!


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