People Who Made A Fortune Making Money Online

While everyone was busy in a Rat Race, some people find their fortune on the road less taken. Today, we are going to share some stories of people who earned their dream salary online, doing what they love. These are the people who worked hard and smart to achieve what they want to achieve. “Get rich or die trying” folks here are the best earners online.

Felix Kjellberg a.k.a. Pewdiepie

Every gamer knows about him. Pewdiepie made $7.5 Million in year 2014 by doing what he does best. He just uploads his video of playing games on YouTube, pulling off pranks and ranting about general stuff. He has 37.8 billion subscribers which is 2 million more than the population of Canada. People love him.

Lingaraj MK

Lingaraj made money by playing Rummy on He also won a trip to Hong Kong worth $5k. He is a software engineer by profession.

Ross Harper and Ed Moyse

They made $80,000 by selling their faces to highest bidder on Companies used their faces to promote their products by painting companies logo and other stuff. A little spooky way to earn money but yeah they made good money with it.

Park Seo-Yeon

She earns $9000 a month just by live streaming herself eating. She is known as “Diva” and has a great following of people who like to see others eat, again weird but a legal method to earn money online.

Matt Farley

He earns money by writing songs on trending topics. He earns $23,000 a year. He has released about 14,000 songs on the topics ranging from sports to birthday and even on poop.

These were some people you can take inspiration from and start earning online easily. So, start your journey of online money making and earn your dream salary online.


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