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At its longest point from north to south, Europe measures 4300 km, and 5600 km from east to west. The continent is located within the northern hemisphere, north of the tropic of Cancer and on and south of the Arctic Circle. The majority of Europe lies within a temperate zone and therefore receives four seasons and no set monsoon or rainy season. The landmass faces the Mediterranean Sea in the south, borders the Middle East and Asia to the west and east and faces the Barents and Norwegian seas to the north.

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The west looks out across the Atlantic Ocean. The inland seas of Europe are the Black and Caspian Seas and the Sea of Azov. Other important seas within Europe are the Baltic, Adriatic, Aegean and the North Sea. Europe is comprised of a mostly flat and verdant, fertile plain with a few pockets of mountainous plateau in the south such as the French and Swiss Alps, Massif Central, the Pyrenees, the Transylvanian Alps and the Carpathian Mountains. The tallest point is El'brus in Russia at a height of 5642m. The important rivers of Europe are the Loire, Seine, Rhine, Rhone, Elbe, the Danube and the Western Dvina.

Europe is home to a diverse mix of people and their cultures and individual languages are all very special and unique, although some share similarities with other nations. Although each country may have its own language, many of the European nations are generally good English speakers on the whole. Europe attracts visitors from all over the world, as it is possible to see many different countries within this continent in a small space of time. The age-old gothic, renaissance and medieval architecture of Europe is also one of its major drawcards. Famous pieces of construction include the Eiffel Tower, Coliseum and the Kremlin.

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