Space Commander Hack/Cheats – Free Diamonds & Money (Android/iOS)

Space Commander Hack/Cheats – Free Diamonds & Money (Android/iOS)

Space Commander is an unreleased app and requires an android version of 4.4 and up. The game includes strong violence and hence has been recommended for people aged 16 and above. The game also has some in app purchases ranging from Rs. 65 an item to Rs. 6800 an item.

Space Commander has not been made fully operational till now. In fact, only selective features have been uploaded in the app. The game is a powerful combination of sharp graphics and chic interface. Users get an altogether different feel in the game and we are sure you won’t mind trying something different this time.

The game has been rated pretty well by experts. However, the complete version of the game is awaited before any binding judgment can be given.

Game play

The game allows you to gather troops and take you to a battle where you have to get rid of your enemies. Play your best so as to make your opponents bite the dust. Space Commander is about cultivating your troops and making them stronger over time to face adversities. It offers some exciting special challenges and activities which are never seen before.


V offers 34 characteristic skills of combat. It also has a total of 6 heroes and 3 races. In the Challenge mode, you face a lot of adverse situations and an extremely tough opposing team. However, winning the same has its own perks. You get a chance to gather a lot of rewards as well. When the full version is released, you would get to see Galaxy Championship wherein the game will be timed and every championship will have its own set of rules and regulations. Moreover, the rewards would also be exclusive. You would also be able to team up with other players and attack the enemy collectively.

Space Commander Cheats

Well, there is no other place on the internet where you would find Space Commander cheats which are this authentic and real. So we suggest that you take a good look at these cheats so you know how to go about your game.

  1. Focus on upgrading your characters. As the game progresses, you will need strong characters you are equipped with a lot of meaningful resources. Make sure that you have the requisite resource before you step in the battle in space.
  2. Team up with other players. It is not a wise decision to carry out the fight by single hand. More the troops, better chances you have of surviving the game for long. Since teaming lets you pool in resources, you will have a lot of elements in your coffers before you attack the enemy with full force.
  3. Play in the daily challenges. Follow this Space Commander cheat religiously. This means that every win will land you with more and more elements of surprises. These currency gifts are essential for you to cross all hurdles without any hassle. Ensure that you play the game at least once during the day.
  4. Don’t fear playing the tougher battles. With risk comes a lot of gain. This Space Commander cheat enables to tell you that if you win such battles, you have a good chance of getting exclusive rewards which might be helpful later on in the game.

Space Commander Hack

The Space Commander hack is pretty simple and extremely useful. With this hack, you get a chance to obtain unlimited currency for Space Commander. So just follow these simple steps and you are good to go.

  1. Click the link and enter the important details.
  2. Enter the desired currency or rewards that you are willing to obtain. Remember there is no limit for the same.
  3. Generate the link and start the game once again.
  4. The Space Commander hack is compatible with all devices and is<>


    The game scores well in terms of ingenuity and dynamics. Each detail has been created with utmost attention. The characters actually look real life and it seems that the makers have left no stone unturned to ensure that gamers get the best experience even in the beta version. Of course, you might experience some lag in the game but that is expected to be temporary. Once the game is released, not only with the game will become smooth but it would also give you a lot of exciting options to play your game such as new championships and rewards.

    On the whole, I would rate it an 8/10 given the efforts that the makers have put in. for the rest, let us wait for the complete version.

    So put on your gaming boots and get on to your device to play Space Commander. It is one hell of a ride and trust me, you wouldn’t want to come back from it.


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