Ultimate Clash Royale Hacks and Tips

clash royale hacks tips and tricks

For anyone who has played Clash Royale even for just a few minutes, you are well-aware of how addictive the game can be. Whenever the little chests pop up, it feels as though the hard work has been worth it and the game instantly becomes more enjoyable. Therefore, we have compiled a couple of the best hacks in the game so you can put yourself in a better position than every other player!

Understanding the Chest Patterns – As you may or may not know, every game has a source code and this lays out the maths and patterns seen when playing the app. Without this code, the game will not run and you will not earn anything from chests. Commonly, games have a habit of choosing random patterns as to when particular chests will drop but Clash Royale has not followed this procedure. In fact, the developers of the app have made the pattern public which has led to us providing you with one of the best hacks you will find for this game.

Chest Pattern Hack – To start, you will need to obtain the ‘pastebin’ file that this hack needs to work properly. Once you have this, decoding it is simple and you can work out what chests are coming up. Of course, all the chests will reward you with something but wouldn’t it be great to know that you can secure Magical and Gold chests? Once you have this file, you have the key to unlock fantastic rewards that will come from these rare chests.

Altering the Order of Chests – Over the years, we have seen huge developments in apps and modern technology. However, they all still use codes and algorithms which makes it easy for us to have even more fun with games. Ultimately, Clash Royale has to use these same algorithms because otherwise it would be an A.I game which is supposedly some way off.

To start this process, you need to look at what chests you are receiving. For example; if you start on the ninth chest, you know that the third one will be ‘Magical’. Therefore, you need to write down the order in which the patterns occur. As soon as you hit the Magical Chest, you will notice that a pattern is appearing. As long as you follow this pattern, you will know exactly what chest will be next in line.

For many months, people have believed that the order will not be fulfilled if the chest slots are full but this simply isn’t the case. If you are out of empty spots, the chest order will come to a halt as opposed to randomising. Therefore, the pattern will just stop until you get an empty slot again when it will begin again. If you have all of your chest slots full, you just need to wait until one empties until the pattern resumes.

Countering Sparky – With this game, it seems as though everyone has a little trouble with Sparky – the dreaded monster. Rather than attempting to use skeletons and getting beaten time and time again, we have some better solutions.

Fireball – As you may have discovered with this game, Fireball is a fantastic way to do well and this doesn’t change with Sparky. Why does this work? Sparky is never alone and so with every move, you will damage the minions and also cause a good amount of damage to Sparky too. When he has that little bit of support by his side, be sure to try Fireball.

Zap & Freeze – After using these, Sparky will be somewhat ‘paralysed’ for around five seconds which is a great way to recover when you’re under a bit of pressure. If you can’t kill the enemy instantly, the next best alternative has to be to paralyse them, right?

Minion Horde – Although Sparky has power, he also has his weaknesses so Minion Horde can be a great way to capitalise on these very soft spots. Because his arrow won’t reach you immediately, you are allowed a little extra time to get good shots in.

Guards – Considering this is a strategy game, here is a strategic option for you. By using Guards, you can destroy Sparky in just a matter of minutes. If you manage to get Sparky surrounded, he will suddenly be easier than ever before to bring down.

Rockets – If all else fails, use rockets – self-explanatory, right?

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Summary – With these two hacks and pieces of advice, you will find Clash Royale instantly more enjoyable. More than anything, just have fun because that was what the game was designed for. Over time, you will discover your own techniques and your own tactics that work against opponents. If you’re feeling lazy or need a bit of help one day, be sure to keep this guide as a reference at a later date. Have fun!

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