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Global Information: Waterfalls
Waterfalls are amongst the most beautiful natural wonders on earth and are exceptionally pleasing to the eye. The setting is always spectacular with often large quantities of water cascading and free-falling a great distance downwards into a pool of bubbling whitewater frenzy below. Rainbows are often experienced close by to waterfalls as their mist creates the colours of the spectrum when sunlight makes contact.

Waterfalls are created by water flows, often from rivers that run over the edges of steep cliffs or rugged features like plateaus. Occasionally a waterfall will appear as a result of earthquake activity where valleys become deeper, increasing river flows. Melting glaciers also create beautiful waterfalls in polar regions. Glaciers grind rock formations over time and when they finally melt, valleys have often been carved away, allowing for more waterflow and eventually creating a waterfall that may now flow over a valley's edge, into a pool below. Parts of Norway and the Alps become glacier regions in wintertime, melting in spring to create new waterfall formations.

As more and more water pounds into the waterfall's pool beneath it, rocks become eroded away and eventually the rock face the waterfall cascades over will collapse. The new mass of water shunts downstream and may create a brand new waterfall. Waterfalls may travel several kilometers upstream when such a process occurs.

The world's highest waterfall is the Angel Falls which is located in Venezuela, South America. It measures a grand height of 979m and was discovered by Jimmy Angel whilst he was flying his private airplane searching for possible gold sites. Tugela is the second highest at a height of 850m. This beautiful waterfall is located in the Natal National Park, South Africa. 

Below is a list of the highest waterfalls in rank order:

Angel Falls Venezuela 979m
Tugela Falls South Africa 850m
Utigord Falls Norway 800m
Monge Falls Norway 774m
Mutarazi Falls Zimbabwe 762m
Yosemite Falls USA 739m
Espelands Falls Norway 703m
Lower Mar Valley Falls Norway 655m
Tyssestrenene Falls Norway 647m
Cuquenan Falls Venezuela 610m
Sutherland Falls New Zealand 580m
Kjell Falls Norway 561m
Takkakaw Falls Canada 503m
Ribbon Falls USA 491m
Upper Mar Valley Falls Norway 468m
Gavarnie Falls France 423m
Vettis Falls Norway 370m
Hunlen Falls Canada 365m
Tin Mine Falls Australia 360m
Silver Strand Falls USA 357m

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