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When preparing for a trip, clothing is usually a bit of a dilemma with regards to knowing what to pack, especially if travelling to a place you have never been to before. It is necessary in this instance to research and plan in advance in order to determine roughly what the weather will be like.

It is best to pack as light as possible in most cases as it will reduce the weight of your bag, especially if you are going to be hauling over a long distance. The art to packing light is not only taking the least amount possible but also taking clothes that will wash easily. If you are having to wash clothes a lot because you have not packed many, choose clothes that are synthetic as cotton takes longer to dry. Trekking towels not only weigh less, they take up less room and dry out 10 times quicker than a conventional towel.

How we dress in any one country determines our ability to blend into our surroundings and lessen the risk of being singled-out from the crowd and becoming a target for mugging or worse. Look at what other people wear in a region and try to do likewise wherever possible.

Try to pack footwear that suits the terrain. Wear footwear for a while before travel and that way if it is not comfortable enough, you can buy more suitable shoes or sandals in advance.

Worldworx Travel> Clothing

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