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Touring: History Tours
Historical tours appeal to those interested in Archaeology, also known as the 'sentimental science'. These types of holidays are also popular amongst photographers interested in taking pictures of unusual forms. Proven archaeologists lead tours of small groups to some of the more inaccessible regions of the world to view some of the world's great ruins and learn more about their history and significance.

Ruins of Angkor, Cambodia
The Angkor Wat is the world's largest religious edifice. Simply put, a stroll down the causeway to the great wat is a breath-taking experience and certainly one to savour and a climb to the upper levels of the temple to watch the sun set over the surrounding area is something to be remembered forever. The many stone faces, carved into the Bayon temple are another interesting and famous aspect of Angkor and surely no visit to the great former Khmer civilisation would be complete without a visit to the Ta Phrom temple. When Angkor was rediscovered 400 years after the civilisation had fled the area, the temples and their surroundings were covered in jungle. Ta Phrom was left as it was found and vast root systems can be seen, growing through the temple walls.

Machu Pichu, Peru
People fly from all over the world to trek to Machu Pichu. The ruins here are legendary and grace many guidebooks throughout the world. Machu Pichu was rediscovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham. The ruins are set in a dramatic location, some 7000 feet up, high on the Andean plateau. Machu Pichu is an ancient Incan civilisation and is thought to be one of the last remaining civilizations of the Incans.

The Lost City of Atlantis 
Tales surrounding this lost underwater city create magical thoughts in the imagination about a civilization that was lost in time, never to be discovered again. The exact location and whereabouts of Atlantis is still unknown, and this is half the appeal of the legend. There have been suggested locations for Atlantis off the coast of Crete and the volcanic island of Santorini in Greece.

Pyramids and Valley of the Kings, Egypt
The Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings are legendary and a must see on the most popular tourist trail. Their legacy and significance is well documented and the way in which the most precious of the Egyptian king and queen's artifacts were buried and stowed away is incredible. The huge stone pyramids dot the skyline outside Egypt's capital city Cairo and house a series of intricate interior passageways that lead to the main tombs, which were used to house valuable property of the king or queen of a certain period. Some mummified corpses were found intact in some of the tombs.

The Giants, Easter Island
These are an amazing collection of long-faced colossal heads, carved from volcanic rock from the island, off the Chilean coast. The heads stand around nine meters high and are often arranged in rows, facing the rising sun. The huge stone heads of Easter Island are thought to have been constructed by the ancient ancestors of the island's Polynesian people.

Stonehenge, England
Along the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England lies a stone circle arrangement that has puzzled historians for years. How the stones were transported to the site and then arranged the way they are without modern machinery or transport are a mystery and this adds to the charm and enchantment of Stonehenge. Many people believe the stones to be of astronomical significance, acting as an ancient clock or observatory to the stars. The stones are now protected by a surrounding perimeter fence.

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